Friday, June 11, 2010

Pro-Obama Thug Viciously Attacks Anti-Bailout Protester

It should now be beyond obvious that the terms extremist and terrorist have been redefined to mean anyone who opposes the regime. For if anyone is acting like extremists and terrorists in the traditional sense, it's the pro-regime Obamanoids.

    Chris Matthews and MSNBC prepare to demonize Tea Partiers as dangerous extremists while the real violence is being committed by Obama supporters

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    Paul Joseph Watson

    UPDATE: YouTube Removes Video of Obamatron Thug Attacking Tea Party Activist

    Yet another shocking example of a pro-Obama thug violently assaulting anti-Obama protesters has emerged right on the eve of an MSNBC hit piece hosted by Chris Matthews which smears anyone who questions the actions of international bankers or the federal government as a dangerous racist who wants to kill people.

    As we reported yesterday, an advance script of next week’s “Rise of the Right” MSNBC special, which was leaked to us by a concerned MSNBC staffer, portrays Americans who suspect international bankers might not have their best interests at heart as neo-nazi Hitler supporters who want to shoot cops and instigate a bloody revolution.

    In reality, the only violence witnessed at Tea Party gatherings is being dished out by crazed pro-Obama thugs who are incensed that anti-government protesters still have the temerity to express their First Amendment and criticize their dear leader.

    A group of local citizens in North Carolina protesting the Financial Reform bill and the Durbin BP Bailout amendment were approached by a man who disagreed with them that Obama was to blame.

    After the small gathering of protesters chanted “no more bailouts,” the man began to argue with the group about who was to blame for the financial collapse.

    The man then appears to push away another man holding a video camera before putting his hands on the other man’s wife.

    “Hey don’t touch my wife, you got it?,” says the cameraman as the clip cuts to another video camera from a different angle which shows the pro-Obama thug wrestling with and then slamming the cameraman with a vicious punch to the face.

    When the pro-Obama thug is asked to remain at the scene because the police want to talk to him, he states, “you get your camera, you shove it up your ass”. He then threatens the cameraman with violence again saying, “If you don’t fuck around, you’ll get hurt”. The man is subsequently seen standing near a police car but it is unclear whether any action was taken.

    Watch the clip.

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