Saturday, June 5, 2010

Still love government?

Marc Stevens -

It's truly amazing despite all the crimes committed by governments, people still religiously cling to the idea governments are necessary to protect life, liberty and property. You can even point out governments not only have no duty to protect anyone, but also do a disasterous job at whatever they bother doing. Despite overwhelming evidence government is not only unnecessary, corrupt and a cancer on the world, its victims continue to revere them. Maybe this

will help convince them governments are nothing more than gangs of killers, thieves and liars.

Show a friend who believes governments are necessary this copy of title 50 of the United States Code, section 1520 (this "law" was repealed in 1998 by those same people who said they were not wiretapping without a "warrant"). This "law" authorizes the "Department of Defense" to conduct chemical and biological warfare experiments on "civilian populations". You'll notice there is nothing in there about about informing the "civilian population" and getting their consent. While the only ones "notified" are "local civilian officials", there is nothing about getting consent first.

I seem to remember hearing something about a dictator in the middle east being accused of doing something like this.

It'll warm your heart to know chemical and biological agents are weapons of mass destruction. This means the "Department of Defense" conducts experiments on "civilian populations" with weapons of mass destruction. Maybe I'm just being cynical, I just don't think you protect people by attacking them with weapons of mass destruction. Maybe the anthrax attacks after 911 was just an authorized "experiment"?

If you think I'm "paranoid", consider all the "programs" conducted by governments that are "classified", where governments deny their existence for decades. MK-Ultra and Operation Northwoods are good examples. If attacking "civilian populations" with weapons of mass destruction is admitted and shamelessly advertised in the United States Code, then what is being hidden or "classified"? Don't worry, you only need to wait fifty or so years to find out.

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