Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warning Signs Of Full Spectrum Collapse Are Everywhere

It's coming. It's unstoppable. You either prepare, or get mowed down by it.

    Giordano Bruno
    Neithercorp Press -

    The sovereign debt crisis in Greece and many other European nations has, at least for the moment, open a gap in the wash of financial disinformation that has prevailed in the mainstream media for the past year. The average American is now more aware of the terrible costs of living in an artificially driven and widely manipulated “global economy”, and has also been exposed (at least for the moment) to the very real frailties in our own markets, which have been hidden or downplayed by the government as well as disingenuous establishment economists. Events in the EU, however, are only a glimpse of the greater and more imminent threats we face in the near future. In this article we will look at some of the latest and most disturbing moves by governments and financial institutions, as well as tell-tale signs in our own local cities, which signal that a full-spectrum collapse of world markets and possibly our own currency is not only in progress, but nearing completion.

    World Market Signals

    All eyes have been focused on the Greek situation for the past month, but we cannot let this one storm of the financial crisis distract us from the other threats that lie just beyond the horizon. There are many far more pressing concerns than insolvency in Southern Europe, though we’ve been drowning in “Greek Contagion” rhetoric 24/7 and it is difficult to think of much else. The idea that instability in Greece is somehow responsible for instability in the rest of the EU is simply unfounded. Most nations in the EU were on the verge of bankruptcy long before the sovereign debt crisis in Greece began. Spain, for instance, has just lost its AAA credit grade with Fitch Ratings due to its massive deficits:

    Italy, Ireland, and the UK are likely not far behind. The UK posted record deficits in April:

    Their government has recently called for budget cuts which could target some welfare, unemployment, and disability payouts in order to blunt the edge of their own growing debt problem. Some say this move is too little too late, and that Britain may have to face the same austerity measures as Greece just to survive:

    There are two problems with the news coming out of the EU. First, establishment economists will attempt to dilute public awareness of the issues by diverting all blame to the Greek crisis. By making claims of Greek contagion, they give the masses the false impression that stopping the fallout in Greece will somehow cure the systematic meltdown in the rest of the world. Already, euro-zone economists (propagandists) are feeding the Greek people the same lie as our economists have been feeding us, declaring that a weak currency and import capability, combined with greater reliance on other nations and the IMF, will create some kind of ‘export nirvana’, and that Greece will suddenly rise from the grave as a kind of industrial powerhouse:

    This is the same double-think the globalists have been using everywhere; “Weakness is strength”.

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