Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wikileaks founder fears for his life

Doesn't it just make your heart swell as an Amurr'can, that the most wanted man in the world is a man of peace?

    Australian Broadcasting Corp -

    The man behind whistleblower website Wikileaks says he is not in a position to record an interview amid claims his life is in danger.

    Julian Assange, the Australian-born founder of Wikileaks, is said to be under threat with reports that the site has hundreds of thousands of classified cables containing explosive revelations.

    There was an international uproar in April when the website released classified US military video which officials had been refusing to make public for three years.

    The leaked video showed a US helicopter crew mistaking a camera for a rocket-propelled grenade launcher before firing on a group of people in Iraq.

    Mr Assange has also told his supporters he is planning to release a video of a US air strike in Afghanistan that killed many civilians.

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