Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teens help SWAT team practice

All part of the indoctrination. Get used to being SWAT teamed. Get used to being oppressed. Get used to being slaves.

    Orange County Register -

    As part of a training exercise for SWAT personnel, about 70 students, including volunteers from El Dorado and Yorba Linda high schools, joined police officers from the North County SWAT Team at Yorba Linda High School Sunday.

    Police posted signs in the immediate area notifying the public of the training exercise. They advised nearby residents they would be firing blanks from their weapons, which simulated the sounds of gunfire and noise-flash devices.

    The North County SWAT team is comprised of about 50 officers from the Brea, La Habra, Placentia, Fullerton, La Palma and Cal State Fullerton police departments.

    To keep the exercise realistic, SWAT officers were given little information about the staged scenario, which was a hostage situation involving shootings, ahead of time. The SWAT team had no idea what they are walking into nor how many casualties to expect in the training exercise.