Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The DNA snatchers: Police arresting innocents just to grab genetic details for Big Brother database

Britain is in a lot of trouble. And so are we if we don't pay heed to what's happening there, and recognize its manifestations as they arise in America. And they will. And they are.

    Daily Mail -

    Police are arresting innocent people in order to get their hands on as many DNA samples as possible, senior Government advisers revealed last night.

    The Human Genetics Commission said the Big Brother tactic was creating a 'spiral of suspicion' among the public.

    The panel - which contains some of Britain's leading scientists and academics - said officers should no longer routinely take samples at the point of arresting a suspect.

    They also called for all police - including support staff - to place their own DNA on the national database in a show of solidarity with a public being routinely placed under suspicion.

    By law, officers are only allowed to make an arrest if they have ' reasonable suspicion' that a person has committed a crime.

    But the HGC, which has carried out a lengthy review of the merits of the database, said evidence had emerged of police arresting people purely so they could take their DNA.

    Its chairman, Professor Jonathan Montgomery, said: 'People are arrested in order to retain DNA information that might not have been arrested in other circumstances.'

    The claim, which was backed by evidence from a senior police officer, delivers a significant blow to the Government's defence of the database - which contains more than 5.6million samples.

    Campaigners have long feared officers were carrying out mass sweeps of the population to load their samples on the database, and make future crime fighting easier.

    The result is one million entirely innocent people having their genetic details logged by the state.