Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Economy's rebound not as strong as first thought

You knew that, right? Your gut instinct had to tell you, the government lies for sport. Of course their claims of an economy in recovery were lies. But then you look at the numbers, and the numbers don't lie. Unemployment continues to rise. Real unemployment is over one and a half times the "official" number - 17.5%. The dollar continues to plunge. It has lost its reserve currency status in the global markets. Our budget deficit is outlandish. Our national debt is catastrophic. Retail sales are dismal, and the state of the commercial real estate market will be laid bare as retailers go bankrupt following what is certain to be a disastrous holiday shopping season, ending a year that has already crippled many retailers. Economists who predicted this calamity in the first place now tell us the worst is yet to come. So when the government tells you the economy is on the rebound, and you look at these numbers that contradict that claim, on what ground then does the government stand on to make such a claim? The banksters that were bailed out (read: stole our money) are posting record "profits".