Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin Drinks the Neocon Kool-Aid

Pro empire? Check. Pro war? Check. Pro torture? Check. Pro mass murderous sanctions? Check. Just another bloodthirsty neocon that will destroy whatever's left of this country, if we even survive long enough to see her elected.

    James Ostrowski

    Just the other day, I wrote (paraphrasing) on my blog that, if Sarah Palin came out against the global empire and war, she could waltz into the White House in 2012.


    She drank the Kool-Aid on Rush yesterday:

    RUSH: You mentioned earlier you wanted to talk about national security, that you hoped it came up. Well, here it is: What do we face? What are our threats, and are we prepared, or not?

    GOV. PALIN: Well, I think domestically a threat that we’re facing right now is the dithering and hesitation in sending a message to the terrorists that we’re going to claim what Ronald Reagan claimed. Our motto is going to be: “We win, you lose.” The way that we do that is allow McChrystal to have the reinforcements that he’s asking for in Afghanistan. That sends that message to the terrorists over there that we’re going to end this thing with our victory. We need to start facing Iran with tougher and tougher sanctions that need to be considered. We need to work our allies with the Iranian issues, like Britain and France and not allow access to favorable international monetary deals. That’s a great threat that I think would kind of shake up Ahmadinejad and get him to listen. We need to look at halting Iran’s imports of refined petroleum products. They’re quite reliant on imported gasoline, and we need to use that hammer to wake up the leadership there, too. Those are two big challenges that we have right now, domestically and in naming those two countries, Afghanistan and Iran. Two big challenges there, too.

    The GOP can’t seem to figure out that they need the libertarian swing vote to win these days. None of the “official” contenders are libertarian in the slightest.