Friday, November 20, 2009

Establishment media clammors for adjuvanted vaccines

As usual, America is chastised for not going along with the herd, as Canada and Europe poison their populations with adjuvanted - squalene - vaccines. And the reason we don't go along with the herd is, as usual, an ineffective PR campaign by the establishment to fool ignorant Americans into thinking adjuvants are actually safe. It's never a legitimate concern that causes Americans to shy away from the sacred cow of the medical establishment - vaccines. It's always ignorance. Fear. More effective soundbites from the anti-vaccine nuts (thank you).

Reuters asks, regretfully, while conspicuously failing to mention that the adjuvant in question will almost certainly be squalene, if the (artificial) shortage of vaccines might not be remedied by applying adjuvants, which would supposedly double or triple the vaccine's potency, allowing for less vaccine to be distributed to more people - read: more poison for your tax payer dollar. These adjuvants, you see, are usually just an oil (squalene) and water mixture - what's the big deal? Vaccine makers are practically on their knees begging US health ministries to approve and indoctrinate the ignorant public about their safety.

Squalene is necessary for joint and nervous system health. It is found naturally in many of the foods we eat, such as olive oil. The problem with unnaturally ingesting squalene - through injection - is the autoimmune response it generates causes the immune system to attack not only the squalene in the injection, but all the squalene in your body, and any squalene you may naturally ingest (eat or drink) in the future. This autoimmune disaster causes chronic fatigue, muscle and joint disorders, and a array of neurological disorders. It literally sucks the life out of those inflicted, as anyone suffering from Gulf War Syndrome - contracted in large part due to the military's experimental, squalene adjuvanted vaccines - will tell you.

The eugenics cult knows that the dumber you are, the weaker and more sick you are, the easier it will be to control you. This is the real purpose of vaccines: we will pay for our own extermination.