Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vaccine use halted after baby deaths

It should be noted that the vaccines given in Europe are not the same as what's being given in America. European - and Canadian - vaccines contain squalene. Vaccines are dangerous inandofthemselves, but vaccines with squalene are a whole different animal. And GlaxoSmithKline is working hard to get their squalene adjuvanted vaccines approved in the United States.

    Dutch News -

    The Dutch health institute RIVM has stopped the distribution of a batch of Pfizer's Prevnar childhood vaccine following the death of three babies shortly after being vaccinated.

    The vaccine has been labeled 'do not use' and and new supplies have been made available to doctors.

    The exact cause of the death of the infants is not yet known, the RIVM said. The babies died between one and 11 days after the vaccination.