Friday, November 20, 2009

Leaked emails proof of collusion among scientists to promote global warming fraud

We already knew it was a sham, because practically the only scientists who still promote this ridiculous hysteria are the ones whose livelihoods depend on government funds that would be denied if they refuse to tow the establishment line on climate. We know many scientists were listed as signatories of the IPCC who did not support its conclusions. Now emails have been hacked and leaked which allegedly prove that scientists colluded to promote this fraud.

This of course won't change anything: the power elite know global warming is bunk, and they know that we know it's bunk. They don't care. Because this isn't about saving the planet, it's about global governance. It's about eugenics. It's about taking total control over every aspect of our lives, so we cannot sustain ourselves without the assistance of a eugenics cult who wishes us all dead. The carbon tax will pass our Congress, and it will destroy what little is left of the middle class.

What must be realized now is your dependency on the grid - on the State - will directly correlate to how badly you suffer during the coming calamity. We must all take inventory of our own lives, and strive to become independent in all aspects which we are currently dependent. Do it now before the State makes it illegal to you to be self-sufficient.