Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Schumer says health bill will pass

Boston Globe -

WASHINGTON - A leading Senate Democrat said yesterday his party is determined to push through a health care overhaul bill with or without Republican support because the “system is broken.’’

“We prefer to go at it with Republicans if we can reach compromises in some areas,’’ said Senator Charles Schumer of New York. “But we’re not going to not pass a bill.’’

Republicans, for their part, wasted no time going after Democratic moderates who delivered a Senate victory Saturday for President Obama and who hold the legislation’s fate in their hands. The 60-39 vote overcame a procedural hurdle and allowed floor debate to start after Thanksgiving on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s 10-year, $979 billion bill. Senate Democrats hope to finish their bill by Christmas, but it remains unclear whether legislation will reach Obama’s desk this year.