Friday, November 27, 2009

Destroying us by design: Obama Shatters Spending Record for First-Year Presidents

You ain't seen nothin yet. They know that this cosmic debt burden - now as high as $105 Trillion (like the unemployment rate, "official" government statistics almost always present themselves in a more favorable light) - is completely unsustainable. Even if the official national debt, somewhere around $12.5 trillion, were our only debt load, that would still be disastrous. Even if this were a mistake, or some kind of burning the village in order to save it type scheme, at some point, if the government wanted recovery, they'd have to stop spending. But they won't. The more they continue to spend, the more certain you can be this is all engineered by design, as all economic crises are, "worked out as we figure a mathematical equation," as Charles Lindbergh predicted they would be after the spawning of the Fed. I don't have to tell you to prepare for hard times. Do I?

    Fox News -

    President Obama has shattered the budget record for first-year presidents -- spending nearly double what his predecessor did when he came into office and far exceeding the first-year tabs for any other U.S. president in history.

    In fiscal 2009 the federal government spent $3.52 trillion -- $2.8 trillion in 2000 dollars, which sets a benchmark for comparison. That fiscal year covered the last three-and-a-half months of George W. Bush's term and the first eight-and-a-half months of Obama's.

    That price tag came with a $1.4 trillion deficit, nearly $1 trillion more than last year. The overall budget was about a half-trillion more than Bush's for 2008, his final full fiscal year in office.