Friday, November 20, 2009

The answer to failed Keynesianism... always more Keynesianism.
Now that unemployment has topped 10 percent, some liberal-leaning economists see confirmation of their warnings that the $787 billion stimulus package President Obama signed into law last February was way too small. The economy needs a second big infusion, they say. (NY Times)
This is the genius of this insane system: you throw absurd amounts of money to paper over much needed market corrections, setting the stage for bigger crashes in the future, but in the meantime, when it doesn't work, they can always say we just didn't pour enough money into it. It's the same principle applied to the administration's claim to have "saved" jobs - ie, the depression would only be worse if we hadn't let the banks steal tens of trillions of your money. Go ahead and try to prove a negative, why don't ya!

And this is the perfect system for globalists intent upon destroying our economy, as they can print up massive amounts of money out of thin air and loan it to themselves, with no intention of paying it back, while the American taxpayer foots the interest and bears the burden of inflation. The more it fails, the more money needs to be printed, ad nauseum, until the system collapses under its own weight and then, oops! "capitalism" failed, American republican government failed, national sovereignty failed; we need a one world economy under a one world government. It's Hegelian dialectic for idiots.

I hope I'm not boring my readers to death when I repeat, over and over again, that the need is dire to prepare for a total economic collapse in the very near future. It's not that it's merely possible; it's utterly certain, for the conundrum is not that solving this crisis and restoring stability and prosperity is beyond their capabilities - they could simply do nothing and the market would correct itself swimmingly; a total collapse is wanted, hoped for, planned, and engineered, as all economic crises have been for at least the last 100 years. Do you think that, by now, with decades of trial and "error" behind them, they couldn't figure out that vast, unsustainable amounts of debt and monetary inflation/currency devaluation is completely unsustainable? It's not a difficult concept to grasp - a layman like me sees this crystal clear. Even if engineered collapse and de-industrialization of the Western world wasn't detailed in the publications of globalist entities such as the UN, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, etc, not to mention the total collapse inherent in a system predicated on creating money out of thin air and loaning it out at interest, the intent is obvious. They've had far too much time to perfect this system for Hanlon's Razor to apply.

People dislike to hear me discuss the future because I have nothing positive to say about it, but the time for positive thinking is over. The only positive thinking you can afford is the idea that if you manage to prepare yourself to survive the coming apocalypse in whatever time we have left - and no one knows for sure how much time there is - you and your family can still have a roof over your heads, power, food, water, and even a reasonable level of modern luxuries. And that, to me, is an encouraging thought. What is distressing is too many people are too ignorant of economics and current events, and too brainwashed and addicted to the doctrine of American exceptionalism, to know this collapse is even possible, much less heed the warnings from the wilderness to prepare for it. When the insane eugenics cult that is the global power elite says that 80-90% of the global population must be purged, an economic collapse is a major part of that plan. Indoctrination dumbing down the population through drugs, toxins, and vaccines is another, so that when you tell them they're about to be murdered via starvation you will be laughed at, no matter how versed you are in the relevant facts.