Friday, November 20, 2009

California requires TVs to be more energy efficient

With freedom on the march, you can expect this type of tyranny - I mean liberty - throughout America soon. Every aspect of your life will be inventoried. You won't breathe without permission. This is why our troops shed blood guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan: so you have the freedom to do what the government tells you to do.

    Associated Press -

    Power-hungry TVs will be banned from store shelves in California after state regulators adopted a first-in-the nation mandate to lower electricity demand.

    On a unanimous vote, the California Energy Commission on Wednesday required all new televisions up to 58 inches to be more energy efficient beginning in 2011. The requirement will be tougher in 2013, and only a quarter of all TVs on the market currently meet that standard.

    The California Energy Commission estimates that TVs account for about 10 percent of a home's electricity use. The concern is that the energy draw will rise by as much as 8 percent a year as consumers buy larger televisions, add more to their homes and watch them more often.

    Commissioners say energy efficiency standards are the cheapest and easiest way to conserve electricity.