Monday, November 30, 2009

Oil companies promote global warming agenda

The misconception that oil companies are fearful and fiercely opposed to the climate change alarmist agenda is common and needs to be better addressed. In a recent op-ed, prominent climate alarmist George Monbiot attempted to justify the climategate scandal, in part because the scientists were driven by an overzealous desire to keep the "flawed" research of skeptics out of peer reviewed journals so that evil fossil fuel companies couldn't use them as an excuse to justify their horrible polluting of the planet.

It's not like it's privileged information that Algore collaborated with Enron and Goldman Sachs, for whom his cohort David Blood (Blood and can't make this up...) represents, to write up the cap and trade scheme. Why would one of the world's largest energy corporations, as well as the biggest oil speculator, be pushing an agenda that's supposedly detrimental to the industry?

Why would the largest oil company in the world, Rockefeller-owned Exxon Mobil, throw its weight behind a tax on carbon emissions? Don't oil companies supposedly fund climate skeptics to forward their agenda? "As a businessman it is hard to speak favourably about any new tax. But a carbon tax strikes me as a more direct, a more transparent and a more effective approach," Exxon's chief executive Rex Tillerson, said. Could this be because the carbon tax would be paid to international banking oligarchs, to which the Rockefellers belong?

Similarly, in February of this year Royal Dutch Shell, for which Bilderberg member Queen Beatrix is the majority shareholder, launched an impassioned defence of emissions cap-and-trade schemes, arguing that cap-and-trade schemes remain the most effective way of cutting emissions. Earlier this month Dutch Royal Shell came out again in favor of cap and trade. “We need cap-and-trade mechanisms to come up in more parts of the world; we need these mechanisms to be linked to each other,” Ranjit Prasad, global head of CO2 trading at Shell International Transport & Trading, said. There's no point in cutting carbon emissions if carbon wasn't driving climate change, so how can it be that oil companies favor cutting carbon emissions while simultaneously claiming climate change isn't real?

This is how the schemers get their way. They put up a facade of opposition, so that people think, well, the big bad oil companies spewing tons of carbon into the atmosphere killing the planet think climate change isn't real, so we need to do the opposite of what they want. Meanwhile they were for the carbon tax and cap and trade the entire time. This is precisely the way the American people were scammed when the Federal Reserve was spawned. The bankers opposed it vigorously when it was they who wrote the bill. It's a little like Brer Rabbit begging not to be thrown into the thorn bush.