Friday, November 27, 2009

Prominent climate change alarmist demoralized, in denial over hacked emails

Steve Curtin
Blood of Patriots and Tyrants
November 27, 2009

George Monbiot is having a bad day. On the one hand, he acknowledges the devastation these emails will cause to the pro-AGW crowd, and has "never felt so alone." At first this seems encouraging, coming from one of the most ferocious proponents of man-made climate change there is. But on the other hand, he downplays these emails as, not a destructive final blow to the climate change quackery he and his cohorts have tried to shove up our collective arse, but a simple example of climate change scientists sinking to the level of climate change deniers, who "have lied, obscured and cheated for years."

The scandal was also driven, says Monbiot, by an overzealous desire, particularly on CRU director Phil Jones' part, to keep the flawed (the science is settled, get it?!) research of skeptics out of peer reviewed journals so that evil fossil fuel companies couldn't use them as an excuse to justify their horrible polluting of the planet (Monbiot assumes, correctly, that most people are unaware that climate policy is driven by energy corporations - supposedly the worst polluters). "In this case you could argue that technically (Jones) has done nothing wrong," says Monbiot. "By comparison to his opponents," Phil Jones, who cheered the death of a prominent climate change skeptic, "is pure as the driven snow."

The article only deteriorates from there, in which he laments the scientists' seemingly unnecessary unscientific behavior, causing science that shouldn't be called into question to be unfairly scrutinized, because skeptics, "scumbags" though they may be, have - laugh out loud - an "exemplary media strategy". To poor Mr Monbiot, being compared to creationists, 9-11 truthers, Holocaust deniers, and moon landing conspiracy theorists; being perpetually attacked in the media, which insists that the debate is over, the science is settled, and anyone who's anybody knows man is causing this (non-existent) global warming, is a far better strategy than calmly and professionally presenting supposed irrefutable science and having it trumpeted as gospel by the media. These heroes, these champions of science, were forced to cheapen themselves because the public was apparently too stupid to swallow their poison, not because their so-called scientific conclusions had absolutely nothing to do with science or what the planet was actually doing - cooling - but because the skeptics' scumbaggery was a better media strategy. One word, George: therapy.

Not once in the entire article does George address the issue of blatantly skewing data, applying "tricks" to "hide the decline" in "real temperatures", or manipulating data to account for inconvenient outcomes in climate models, etc. He has created a strawman - a lame excuse for their behavior - in order to mask the overall scandal and make it seem as though all Jones and his gaggle of quacks did was overzealously and possibly criminally conspire to silence "scumbags" who had no business voicing their unscientific opinions in the first place.

Cry me a river, George. Your climate fraud is exposed, and if there is any real justice in this world, these criminals will go to jail for it. There will be no world government, and you and your psychotic cult's dream of wiping out 6 billion people just got further out of reach.