Friday, November 6, 2009

New Zealand mayor: pay "appalling underclass" not to breed

There is a simple underlying message elitists have for the rest of us: we're better than you. And it is this simple idea, coupled with the moral corruption that fits hand in glove with absolute power, that inevitably draws the elite to eugenics. There is nothing more absolute than the power to control every aspect of human life, including whether someone is allowed to life or die. Like in China, first they will offer monetary incentives, either in the form of tax credits or penalties, and then it will become compulsory. Then the slaughter begins. Life isn't cheap, it's negative.

    News Australia -

    AN outspoken Kiwi politician has proposed a new solution to the country's child abuse problem - pay the "appalling underclass" not to breed.

    Michael Laws - who stirred up controversy by calling the late Tongan King a "bloated brown slug'' - has again hit the headlines.

    "That there is a group within our society who give their children no hope nor opportunity from the moment that they are born," the regional mayor wrote on the New Zealand radio website where he broadcasts as a talkback DJ.

    "That these ‘parents’ are known to authorities ... and yet the authorities can only intervene after children have been harmed."

    Mr Laws goes on to write: "it would be far better for this appalling underclass to be offered financial inducements not to have children, given the toxic environment that they would provide for any child in their care."

    The mayor believes "the consequent financial and social savings to our community would be considerable.

    "There are too many people who should not have children."

    Mr Laws said a report in New Zealand's Dominion-Post newspaper yesterday had incorrectly attributed the view to him that all those who got welfare should be sterilised.

    Mr Laws wrote on the website "that most welfare beneficiaries are good parents" but it was the problem ones who should be offered money not to breed.

    Yesterday's Dominion-Post newspaper quotes him as saying: "If we gave $10,000 to certain people and said 'we'll voluntarily sterilise you' then all of society would be better off,'' he told the .

    "There'd be less dead children and less social problems.''

    He was commenting on the latest death of a toddler, two-year-old Karl Perigo-Check, who was the son of a convicted murderer and gang member.

    New Zealand is placed third among OECD nations for child deaths due to maltreatment, four spots ahead of Australia, according to UNICEF.

    It is ranked fifth for both child beatings and sexual abuse, again several places ahead of its antipodean neighbour.

    Mr Laws argued that "liberal methods'' of beating the problem had failed.

    But his "solution'' has been branded "draconian'' and "totalitarian'' by the country's child health advocates who are calling for him to stand down as a city mayor.

    "I just find it such a disgraceful attitude,'' Child Poverty Action Group director Janfrie Wakim said.

    "It's hard to comprehend that an intelligent man who's leading a city is making such reprehensible suggestions.''