Friday, November 13, 2009

Slim Fast diet drink powder causes panic on NJ train

Even if you believe there's a viable terrorist threat in America, isn't this mostly what their goal is? To foment fear on such a level as to cause us to act like complete imbeciles? Isn't this supposed to be the home of the brave? What a bunch of gutless cowards we've become. But we cheerlead our military as they slaughter innocents in far off lands and torture people in concentration camps.

    WNYW -

    Suspicious powder that caused the evacuation of a New Jersey Transit train turned out to be spilled diet drink mix, according to an NJ Transit spokesman.

    Dan Stessel told that the powder was Ultra Slim Fast mix.

    Train 3221 was stopped at the Rahway station and 200 passengers were removed from the train. Hazardous materials teams in protective suits searched the cars.

    The analyzed the substance before determining it was harmless.

    The train had left New York City's Penn Station at 7:01 a.m. and was headed for Long Branch. The passengers were transferred to another train.

    Stessel says there were no rush hour delays into New York because it was an outbound train.

    New York City police have responded to several suspicious envelopes containing powder at foreign missions to the United Nations. Those have all turned out to be harmless.