Saturday, November 14, 2009

Swine Flu: The establishment's sick joke

Despite claiming 90,000 people would die of H1N1, and that over a million would be hospitalized, the State health ministries and the controlled media still soldier on with their propaganda and fear mongering even in the face of the thus far negligible death toll in the United States. With less than 4,000 dead (and 93,000 hospitalized) - and this number is cooked, as I will demonstrate - the Washington Post in an article today hyped the supposedly high death toll among the young and the healthy. "The number of pediatric deaths," the article claims, "is four times as high as the number that physicians, hospitals and health departments had reported to the public health agency in Atlanta." What basis do they have for drawing this conclusion? What source for statistics do they have other than the doctors and hospitals who are treating these supposed cases? "The new estimate includes deaths that occurred outside hospitals, patients who tested negative for H1N1 but almost certainly had it, and other overlooked cases." This is a fantastic example of the government and media enjoying a good laugh at your expense, that it can lie to you in plain sight and expect you not to notice or care. They're actually attributing deaths to H1N1 in patients who tested negative for the virus!

This beckons us to a recent CBS News expose, to which very little attention was paid, showing that the vast majority of swine flu cases weren't even seasonal flu, much less H1N1. This is because the government ordered doctors to stop running tests on patients to determine what flavor their illness was, and just assume it was swine flu. It's open criminal government, right before our very eyes. This is what happens when apathy becomes terminal.

Fortunately for the establishment, not enough people pay attention to current events to pose a threat to them. This is why they can lie in the open and laugh about it, because people like me can expose their crimes and their lies and there simply isn't enough people that care to matter. So the sheeple will continue to wait in line to get their artificially scarce vaccine for an artificially hyped, artificially created virus, and the establishment will chortle with glee as it rakes in massive profits and the people have their minds and their immune and reproductive systems wrecked by their drugs and vaccines, so that the dumber and sicker they become the harder it is to wake them up, and the more dependent they are to the system, the more they will fight to protect it.

The good news is that, even with the CDC's inflated death tolls, the amount of people who've died from this relatively benign virus, particularly in the face of the horrific death toll promised by psychotic eugenicist and science and technology czar John Holdren, is low, practically negligible. Even though most people may not remember Holdren's outrageous prediction, may not recognize their outright lies, may not believe this was an engineered virus, or that the scarcity was created artificially to trick people into thinking there was an actual demand for the vaccine, there has been relatively little demand for the vaccine, even in the face of their psy-ops, even in the face of coercive tactics by state and local health departments, likely acting under the directive of the Federal government. Nobody wants it. Because as dumbed down as they are, they're not as yet dumbed down enough to say that two plus two equals five, and no matter how many news reports they read of people getting sick and dying, they can still look around them and see that very few if any people they actually know are getting sick from this virus, and that those who have gotten sick, by and large, say it's certainly no worse than the regular flu - how can it be, when the average seasonal flu season (supposedly) kills ten times as many people who have supposedly died from H1N1?

Us anti-vaccine nuts did well to warn the public of the dangers of this untested vaccine. Did we convince a great number of people that the virus and the vaccine are both bio-weapons? Probably not. This vaccination campaign will prove a massive failure by the government, which will probably spin the numbers further to claim many more would have died had they not overreacted. But we cannot rest. Most people still think the seasonal flu vaccine is relatively safe, especially for their children. In my zeal in reporting the dangers associated with vaccines, I've focused primarily on the extreme cases - Guillain Barre Syndrome, autism, dystopia, etc, but sometimes neglect to mention these extreme cases are not actually the purpose of vaccines. Believe it or not, the government doesn't want you to be perfectly healthy, and then turn into a paralyzed, drooling, stuttering imbecile hours after you've gotten a vaccine. This draws unwanted attention to the real dangers of vaccines, and causes people to think about their safety and question the establishment who push them on us. The true purpose of the vaccines is to dumb you down cumulatively, so nobody really notices, until eventually, yes, you do become drooling, stuttering imbeciles who can't even remember their own names, but this happens over a longer period so the real reason for your degenerative condition can be reasonably called into question. This is rarely taken into account by those still asleep: if some children develop autism or Guillain Barre syndrome or SIDS or shaken baby syndrome after getting vaccinated, exactly what unseen or unnoticed effects are the vaccines having on those who do not develop immediate, extreme adverse reactions? Certainly there cannot be only two polar extremes to vaccines, where people either emerge perfectly healthy from them or develop serious debilitating side effects. This, too, must be discussed.

As for these engineered viruses, we know they will do it again, and again, just like their false flag terrorism, until the people wake up to it and hold the criminals accountable. So while we've done well to keep people away from the vaccines, it is still a great uphill battle.