Friday, November 13, 2009

U.S. Treasury Confident Congress Will Increase Debt Ceiling

I suppose I don't talk about the economy enough. Probably because I know it's terminal and there's really nothing left to do but prepare for when it collapses. All this new spending is pretty much relative since we've reached the point of no return long ago. But it should go without saying that this reckless spending isn't about economic recovery. Supposedly the GDP has made a temporary comeback, but the debt is absolutely unsustainable, especially as the dollar loses its reserve currency status and nations cut their losses and stop investing in our debt due to the purposeful devaluation of our currency. When the dollar utterly collapses and hyper-inflation sets in, that will be their excuse for open, total world government with a global currency. Raising the debt ceiling does nothing to the economy, except hammer a few extra unnecessary nails in our coffin and bring about our demise all the more quickly, before too many of us wake up and revolt against this tyranny and theft of our wealth and prosperity.

    Bloomberg -

    The Obama administration is confident Congress will raise the country’s debt limit by year end to avert a showdown similar to the one that shuttered parts of the government in 1995, administration officials said.

    The White House wants an increase of at least $1 trillion to $1.5 trillion, according to a person familiar with the deliberations between lawmakers and the administration. Record budget deficits are pushing the national debt closer to the $12.1 trillion statutory limit.

    The administration’s request, higher than a proposed increase already passed in the House of Representatives, would get the government through the November 2010 midterm congressional elections without needing another increase. Earlier this month, Treasury officials acknowledged they’ll need more borrowing room by year-end to avoid market disruptions.

    “Market participants still remain on edge, especially since many have concerns over the rising debt loads that were kicked off this year,” said George Goncalves, chief fixed- income rates strategist in New York at primary dealer Cantor Fitzgerald LP.

    The administration officials said the White House is open to any legislative vehicle that will raise the debt limit, by any amount. Although the Obama administration has pledged to bring deficits down to “sustainable” levels in the longer term, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has focused recently on the need to keep up spending on economic assistance programs until the unemployment rate, which reached a 26-year high of 10.2 percent in October, comes down.