Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vaccines and Pregnancy Do Not Mix

Until this recent swine flu outbreak, this was pretty much conventional wisdom. But since eugenics is part of the reason for this massive vaccination effort - profiteering being the other - it is no surprise to anyone aware that the main target of this attack is children and pregnant women. It is doubtful, at least to me, that miscarriages and severe injuries to the mother are the intent here. These extreme cases draw unnecessary attention to vaccines, and cause people to question their safety, and think about the real motives behind the government and pharmaceutical industrial complex push to get us all jabbed or sprayed. And we can't have the plebs doing too much thinking, can we? No, the main focus of these vaccines is to wreck our immune systems so that we become lifetime clients of the pharmaceutical industrial complex; to incrementally dumb down the population, so that once they become slobbering imbeciles, the cause of their impairment can reasonably be called into question. When a child becomes autistic immediately after being vaccinated; when a healthy, athletic teen contracts Guillain Barre mere hours after receiving the H1N1 vaccine, we know why. Another purpose of the vaccines is sterilization, a staple of Obama's science and technology czar John Holdren's eugenic world view, as outlined in Ecoscience and other government textbooks authored or co-authored by him. The fact that he wrote that textbook and was behind a massive, blatantly obvious over-hyped vaccination campaign should have raised red flags throughout the establishment. The only problem is, the establishment agrees with him. He walks on water.

    NaturalNews -

    From an internet forum: "I got both vaccines [seasonal and swine flu] on Thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant. I miscarried on Sunday. I was told by several doctors to get these vaccines. Now I wish I followed my gut feeling and not get them at ALL!" This is not an isolated case.

    Here's another report: "I feel like I had a healthy baby and I caused this by getting the H1N1 vaccine. My doctors pushed it. I researched online and there have been many miscarriages after the H1N1 vaccine but they haven't been reported since it is hard to say what caused the miscarriages."

    She researched online, the only source reporting vaccination tragedies throughout the world.

    Lies Under the Light of Truth

    First of all, the Swine Flu is less harmful than a normal seasonal flu. Research with ferrets, real statistics released by independent researchers, as well as reports from uncorrupted medical authorities have confirmed this. The CDC and mainstream media bury that information. Instead, they circulate alarming false swine flu statistics.

    But one mainstream media outlet, CBS Washington Unplugged, did inadvertently reveal true swine flu statistics. They had tried to get information from the CDC about swine flu episodes actually confirmed. The CDC skirted the issue and stonewalled them.

    So they surveyed all 50 USA state medical laboratories themselves. The results were that most states had confirmed five percent or less of reported cases as swine flu. Most labs reported half or more cases were not any kind of flu! So much for hysteria.

    Dr. Michael Bronze of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, stated on WebMD that the actual risk of pregnant women getting hospitalized for swine flu infections is one in 300 thousand.

    The Australian/New Zealand's flu season was surveyed by American epidemiological statisticians. The data from around the middle of that flu season indicated that pregnant women are 99.97 percent sure of avoiding hospital care for any flu.

    Of those few admitted and held in ICU 7.7 percent died. Not a high figure. And even those few had other health complications prior to being infected with the swine flu.
    Vaccinations Are The Real Danger.

    According to Dr. Russel Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, various studies have proven that artificially stimulating the immune system causes a cytokine immune reaction that damages the forming brain of a fetus.

    Throw in thimerosal mercury additives as well as formaldehyde and other toxic materials delivered in the vaccines. These circulate through the fetus if a pregnant woman is vaccinated. The child can become prone to seizures, autism, schizophrenia, and a host of other neurological problems.

    There is the case of Desiree Jennings, the young Washington Redskins cheerleader who was diagnosed with dystonia by doctors at John Hopkins and Fairfax Inova. They determined her dystonia, which caused chronic severe spasms and partial paralysis, was a reaction to her seasonal flu shot.

    Right, she wasn't pregnant. She was also active and healthy. But her story links the miscarriage stories to Dr. Blaylock's conclusion, "The bottom line is vaccinating a pregnant women is vary hazardous to the mother's health as well as the baby."

    As for miscarriages, there has been a history of sterilization agents planted surreptitiously in vaccines intended for women in developing countries. Some vaccines were examined and recovered before further damage could be done. More at - http://www.naturalnews.com/026907_f...

    And now special flu jab centers are being set up for pregnant women here?

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