Friday, November 6, 2009

Video Shows Cop Taser Man With Hands On Car

Here's a subject I haven't visited for a while. Have police departments, embarrassed by a plague of police brutality cases nationwide, many involving electric torture devices/tasers, told their troops to tone it down? Have these stories been lost in a morass of flu-related issues? This one is particularly disgraceful.

Editor's note...if anyone has the actual video, please email it to me.

    WCCO (CBS) -

    The Minneapolis Police Department is again defending itself against accusations that an officer went too far during an arrest.

    Video given to WCCO-TV late Monday night shows a man with his hands on a squad car when an officer uses a Taser on his neck.

    Attorney Albert Goins is suing the City of Minneapolis on behalf of his client, Rolando Ruiz. They're asking for $75,000 and that the officer involved be reprimanded.

    The video given to WCCO starts only seconds before the Taser is used on Ruiz, not what led up to the incident. But in that time, no struggle can be seen before the officer used his Taser on Ruiz. What is seen is Ruiz with his hands on the hood of the officer's car.

    The dash camera of the squad car was rolling when the officer approached Ruiz with Taser in hand.

    "Takes that Taser, puts it to the back of his neck and shocks him until he is incapacitated on the ground, slumped before the squad car," said Albert Goins.

    Goins says his client's civil rights were violated. He wants the city to settle the claim out of court. If not, he says he and his client are prepared to take their case to federal court.

    A Minneapolis police spokesperson says Chief Tim Dolan has not seen the tape. The department is not saying anything about the incident, because it is now a legal matter.

    The officer named in the incident has not yet been independently confirmed by WCCO. There were a number of officers on the scene.