Friday, November 13, 2009

Widespread scepticism on climate change undermines Copenhagen summit

The London Times article rues that 'The Government's message on climate change does not appear to be getting through'. That's because the government's message doesn't jibe with reality. And that's because the government's message is a lie and they know it. It doesn't help that the State's solution to this fabricated crisis is to stamp out the liberties of every non-elite man woman and child on earth.

    The Times of London -

    Only a quarter of people believe that climate change is the most serious problem that the world faces, according to a poll for The Times.

    The finding suggests that the public is unconvinced by the Government’s message that climate change is “the moral issue of our times” and that we must embrace urgently a low-carbon lifestyle.

    The poll, undertaken last weekend, found that only two in five people in Britain accept as an established scientific fact that global warming is largely man-made.

    The high degree of scepticism undermines the Government’s position at the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen next month. Gordon Brown will struggle to persuade developing countries that he has public support at home for drastic measures to reduce carbon emissions. Developing countries are threatening to walk out of the summit unless rich nations, including Britain, commit to making much greater cuts in carbon emissions than they are currently promising.

    The poll results indicate that voters are not yet convinced of the need for significant sacrifices and will resist new green taxes.