Thursday, May 27, 2010

ABC News video--whistleblowers expose massive government violations of privacy

There is only one reason a government would spy on its citizens. It's not to protect you from foreign turr'ists, it's to protect them from you. The question, and its inevitable answer, you must come to terms with is, why would a government need to protect itself from its own citizens?

    Conservative Examiner -

    When the Conservative Examiner presented proof in a 7-part series that the Obama government is engaging in covert activities to rob citizens of their liberties, naysayers dismissed the information as 'inconclusive,' despite the reliability of the unnamed sources for that information.

    However, ABC News interviewed a whistleblower who exposes a massive government intrusion into the privacy of all citizens by reading their emails and Instant Messages, listening to their phone calls, monitoring their movements on the Internet, and tracking the 'Patriot movement' as a 'violent threat' to national security, although no one in the Patriot movement has engaged in such violence.

    Not only that, but the government is working with a corporation--AT&T--in order to accomplish this privacy violation:

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