Friday, May 28, 2010

Can you predict the future?

In Naomi Klein's controversial book, Shock Doctrine, she coins a term, disaster capitalism, describing a "radical, fundamentalist capitalism" that plans ahead of time on how to exploit disasters for maximum profits, using the supposedly naturally-created climate of chaos and destruction to their advantage, to implement economic policies that were impossible prior to the event. The book is an important read, despite Klein’s (blatant?) misunderstanding of economic principles and terminology. What Klein deems “capitalism”, free market, or Laizzez Faire, are nothing of the sort. Klein admits as much, saying the term “corporatism” (fascism) is more appropriate, apparently, we are to assume, ignorant of the fact that fascism is a polar opposite of Laissez Faire, free market capitalism. But I’m digressing. Read the book anyway.
Another of Klein’s shortcomings is that she doesn’t dare mention the possibility that, not only are these “radical capitalists”, these Friedmanites, just waiting in the wings for disasters, like Katrina or a tsunami, to strike; they also create the disasters themselves, so that they can exploit the aftermath to their benefit.
There are so many terms to describe what they're doing: Hegelian Dialectic...problem>reaction>solution...disaster capitalism...Ordo ab Chao - order out of chaos, as the Masons refer to it...etc. They have an agenda that, under normal circumstances they could never move forward with, so they engineer the circumstances that make the agenda seem necessary, and then present it as a solution to the crisis they themselves created. And so it has been in the current economic crisis: it is of their making; conscious, awake, purposefully.
Knowing this, you know where this is all headed. If you know economics, you know the solutions necessary to stem and reverse the tide of destruction this has wrought, and you know that what they are doing is the exact opposite. So you are the sage, you are the seer, you are the psychic that predicts the future. Not because you have a paranormal interface with time and space, but because they are telling you their plans. You only need be aware enough to hear them.