Thursday, May 27, 2010

TSA sued after $24,000 Rolex watch goes missing after luggage search

This is becoming a weekly occurrence it seems. In a sane would, this would be expected. After all, if these people were otherwise employable - in other words, could get a real job - they wouldn't be working for the TSA.

    Florida Times Union -

    Imagine being ordered by airport security workers to put your very expensive watch on a scanning belt, over your objections. Then imagine going to retrieve it and it’s gone.

    A Baker County woman says that experience at Norfolk International Airport in Virginia last year cost her a $24,000 Rolex her husband saved up to buy her on her 50th birthday.

    Now she’s suing the U.S. Transportation Security Administration after the agency rejected her claim letter and her congressman unsuccessfully attempted to intervene.

    The lawsuit, filed in Jacksonville federal court this month, accuses TSA of negligence and bailment, a legal term that makes someone holding another’s property responsible if it is lost.

    “Basically they called me a liar. They treated me like crap,” said Paulene Showalter, 63, of Glen St. Mary. Showalter is secretary to Duval County Public Defender Matthew Shirk.

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