Sunday, May 30, 2010

Options studied for a possible Pakistan strike

The Peace President™ has turned Pakistan into Cambodia, and with the number of civilians being slaughtered en masse, is ensuring that this war will not end for many, many years. Meanwhile, the military is still trying to tie the Times Square "bombing" to Pakistan, even though there is little to no evidence of any connection, if in fact it wasn't really another black op.

    Washington Post -

    The U.S. military is reviewing options for a unilateral strike in Pakistan in the event that a successful attack on American soil is traced to the country's tribal areas, according to senior military officials.

    Ties between the alleged Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, and elements of the Pakistani Taliban have sharpened the Obama administration's need for retaliatory options, the officials said. They stressed that a U.S. reprisal would be contemplated only under extreme circumstances, such as a catastrophic attack that leaves President Obama convinced that the ongoing campaign of CIA drone strikes is insufficient.

    "Planning has been reinvigorated in the wake of Times Square," one of the officials said.

    At the same time, the administration is trying to deepen ties to Pakistan's intelligence officials in a bid to head off any attack by militant groups. The United States and Pakistan have recently established a joint military intelligence center on the outskirts of the northwestern city of Peshawar, and are in negotiations to set up another one near Quetta, the Pakistani city where the Afghan Taliban is based, according to the U.S. military officials. They and other officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding U.S. military and intelligence activities in Pakistan.

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