Friday, May 28, 2010

NEVER Trust the Government

Steve Curtin
Blood of Patriots and Tyrants

Recently revealed on an obscure website is a former New York Times editor, Pulitzer Price-winning journalist's account of how the United States government, with the aid of a certain supposed war hero-turned United States senator and presidential candidate, left hundreds of American POW's to die in the hands of the vicious, torturous North Vietnamese government. The story was buried by the establishment media, even though its author, Sydney Schanberg, was a, if not the, premier Vietnam War investigative journalist, whose Pulitzer winning reporting and subsequent book became the basis for the Oscar-winning movie The Killing Fields. And every subsequent administration, from Nixon to Obama, has helped cover this up.

Obviously I am not a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist; I'm just a guy, usually in his boxers (they're comfortable), sitting at his computer, yelling into the void known as the internets, hoping someone might be listening. I would hardly consider the half an hour I once spent in Canada as visiting a foreign country, and I have no exclusive sources. I can only provide my own insight to the work others are doing. Having said this, I recommend you read Sydney Schanberg's story here, including a separate piece he wrote about the media cover-up of this story here, as well as Ron Unz's reporting on the story here.

You can decide for yourself whether Schanberg's story is credible; needless to say I find his allegations incontrovertible and it is of the underlying issue of the trustworthiness of the government I wish to speak. Unfortunately, as you know, this story will never truly see the light of day. The average chemically lobotomized yuppie doing his best Frito Pendejo impersonation won't hear a peep about this, because he thinks if it were significant, BeckHannityO'Reilly would've waxed hysterical about it. And of the enlightened few, who already know 99% of the so-called conspiracy theories are actually true, it won't provide any additional insight into how evil and corrupt and rogue our all government is, because we already know that if they'd fake a military confrontation in order to start a war in which tens of thousands of Americans died; if they'd murder 3,000 people in one day to use as justification for wars that would kill thousands more Americans and hundreds of thousands more other people; if they'd murder a sitting US President, there's pretty much no depth to which they won't sink. They are truly evil, truly and utterly heartless, without conscience.

I would like to say that the McCain/POW scandal is different, because it was a heinous government conspiracy uncovered by one of the establishment's own. This isn't college kids at their computer uncovering the 9-11 conspiracy, or Alex Jones talking about chemtrails. This is a New York Times, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, providing incontrovertible evidence that hundreds of US troops were left to die in the scumhole of North Vietnam. But post it on your blog; throw a link up on your Facebook...perhaps some in the "anti-war" left, because the scandal originated under a Republican president, will listen. But most Americans will see the words "New York Times" and immediately dismiss it out of hand, and, unfortunately, the New York Times themselves cannot be held blameless in this. But then again, it was the New York Times who, as much as anyone, covered this story up for the regime, and kept it buried for many years - why would The Times, America haters that they are, bury a story that would do so much damage to the country they are accused of hating? You can't expect rationality out of people whose third eye is plastered shut.

When politicians and neocons talk about supporting the troops; when they talk about America being a force for good in the world, you can tell them about the Gulf of Tonkin. You can talk about Operation Ajax. Operation Northwoods. Gladio. You can tell them your supposed war heroes are just as likely to sell their souls, and the lives of their comrades, for a vote and a buck.