Monday, May 31, 2010

In raw video, reporters claim Israelis fired on activists before boarding ship

Israel has completely abandoned any vestige of moral high ground, if they ever had any at all. The ship was in international workers, so even if the aid workers had attacked the Israeli troops, they had every right to defend themselves from this blatant act of piracy.

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    Update: Turkey will reportedly send military escort with future Gaza aid boats

    In what could be a serious blow to Israel's narrative on the killing of at least nine humanitarian activists making their way to Gaza through international waters, raw video by an Al Jazeera producer, who was filming during the raid, appears to provide evidence that the IDF opened fire on the flotilla even before boarding it.

    Israeli forces assert they came under attack by the pro-Palestine civilian group, and video released by the IDF appears to show one soldier being tossed overboard amid a scuffle with unidentified individuals wielding melee weapons, like clubs and chairs.

    However, in raw video captured by an Al Jazeera producer and published to YouTube late Monday, two journalists provide a play-by-play of the harrowing event as pops and cracks echo in the background. Even before the Israeli forces were aboard, one says, they were pelting the boat with tear gas and stun grenades, injuring numerous people.

    Then he confirms the first death, saying the individual was killed by "munitions," but not specifying whether it was a bullet or something else. Then he confirms that Israeli forces were boarding the ship.

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