Sunday, May 30, 2010

US admits deadly attack on Afghan civilians

They were probably turr'ists anyway, and their families and friends, in their bereavement, when they set out to avenge their deaths, have no just cause. It is an honor to be killed by Amurr'ca. Prostrate yourselves before our glory, and pray that tomorrow your own personal hellfire will greet you.

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation -

    The United States military has acknowledged killing 23 civilians and wounding 12 others earlier this year after mistaking them for a convoy of Taliban insurgents.

    The incident on February 21 sparked widespread anger at the presence of international troops in Afghanistan, and an apology from the commander of NATO forces in the country, US General Stanley McChrystal.

    General McChrystal has made it a tenet of his counter-insurgency strategy in fighting a Taliban insurgency that civilian casualties be kept to a minimum.

    The US report into the incident, which happened in Uruzgan, cited operational shortcomings in training, communication and decision-making and offered recommendations to prevent future incidents.

    The report said the crew of a remote-controlled drone aircraft had "provided inaccurate reporting" ahead of the incident and local command posts "failed to properly analyse the situation".

    "Information that the convoy was anything other than an attacking force was ignored or downplayed by UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) personal," it said.

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