Friday, May 28, 2010

Man dies of uterine cancer linked to transplant

Do you really trust your quack - I mean doctor? Preventative medicine is your only real option. Otherwise you're playing with fire.

    Doctors doubted disease could spread to him through donated kidney

    MSNBC -

    Vincent Liew waited five years for the kidney that was supposed to change his life. Instead, the organ ended it.

    The kidney came from a woman who had uterine cancer, but she and doctors didn't know it. Once her disease was discovered after the transplant, Liew's doctors highly doubted it could spread to him.

    But in seven months, Liew was killed by cancer that his autopsy linked to the transplant. His death, the subject of a medical malpractice trial in which closing arguments were scheduled for Thursday, is believed to be the only reported instance of uterine cancer apparently being transmitted by transplant, medical experts say.

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