Friday, May 28, 2010

Kids' Lemonade Stand Shut Down By Cops

That's freedom, baby. That's Amurr'ca. These kids and their lemonade stands are a menace to society. What's really sickening is, these kids weren't merely harassed by a beat cop or a patrol car passing by, they were turned in by one of their boot licking neighbors.

So much for enjoying your childhood, I suppose. They should've been inside watching bi-sexual dating reality shows on MTV. That's how you mold productive members of society.

    NBC Philadelphia -

    Seven children selling lemonade were told by police they had to close up shop -- because they didn't have a permit.

    Cops went sour on a group of kids after a resident in the Haverford Township, Pa., neighborhood sicced police on the youngsters for selling lemonade on a residential street.

    Police told the kids, including 5-year-old triplets, that they were violating the law, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Selling lemonade in the township requires a permit -- which was news to the mother of four of the children, Dana Kleinschmidt, as well as the rest of the police department.

    "We all sold lemonade when we were kids," Deputy Chief of Police John Viola told the Inquirer.

    After a little research by fellow officer Sgt. Joe Hagan, it was discovered that selling lemonade is legal -- for children under the age of 16. And so the children of Maryland Avenue are free to sell those summer drinks and make some money, at least until their 16th birthdays.