Thursday, May 27, 2010

New World Currency, the "Wocu," Quietly Launched on September 10th, 2009

Newsvine -

It is now revealed that the concept of this new currency was formulated as far back as 1996.

Isn't that indication that in fact the Central Banks of the world have all along been planning this very global economic crisis, that the international bankers utilized the U.S. Federal Reserve which they own as their instrument to effect their long-nurtured design to implode the global economy sufficient to bring the world to this point of acceptance of this "Wocu"?

For this, individual lives have been wrecked, families displaced from their homes, educational plans have been quashed, the job market torpedoed, millions have lost health coverage, personal credit profiles ruined?


    "The Wocu was conceptualised in 1996, and after much research and discussion over the next decade whilst the concept was tested for volatility and other characteristics, a detailed plan for the advancement of the Wocu was drawn up; it was made ready for launch in 2009. The Wocu is a derivative of the exchange rates of the world's top 20 currencies as measured by GDP. The algorithm is weighted in line with these GDPs, resulting in a demonstrably less volatile currency unit. It is re-weighted by the WDX Institute every six months, when the IMF produces its GDP figures."

    "The WDX Institute is a research body that has been formed and sponsored by the WDX Organisation to further academic research about World Currency Baskets and their application, and in particular the idea of a World Currency Unit."

    "The Institute will also independently monitor the application of the underlying Wocu Algorithm sponsored by the WDX Organisation and will dictate its revision and its constituents."