Friday, May 28, 2010

Hillary: 'The rich are not paying their fair share'

Several points to make about this statement. First, ignoring the fact that the income tax is entirely unconstitutional, and there is no law that says we must pay taxes, when Hillary says "rich", understand that she means upper-middle class. The truly rich do not pay taxes. The entire tax system was written by them, for their benefit. Second, this is just another pebble tossed upon the mountain of evidence showing the total collapse of our economy is an ongoing, planned event. The cycle of taxation in the market is established: Higher tax rates = less business = less taxes = higher tax rates = less business = less taxes = higher tax rates ad infinitum.

Even if you believe in a system where your wealth and wages are taken from you by force, to say that the upper-middle class rich need to pay more is just suicidal. They are the small business owners, the ones who employ most of the people in this country. If you suck the capital from them, you rob them of their ability to sustain, much less grow and expand. Not only do they pay taxes, but the people they employ pay taxes. If they can't hire people, or if they're forced, because of higher taxes, to downsize, then the government has essentially cut off its own nose to spite its face. Not only do they blatantly deny themselves revenue, for which they will use as justification to raise taxes even more, but they've taken a huge chunk out of the economy, only perpetuating the cycle further.

Again, this is so elemental that there is absolutely no way Mrs Clinton or anyone else "believing" in this is not aware. Never is the clear, obvious, and economically tried, tested and true solution mentioned: drastically reducing the size and scope of government, and ceasing and desisting its intervention in the market. In fact the opposite is the policy, which anyone with two neurons to rub together knows is what got us in this crisis in the first place. The real agenda here is to wipe out the middle ground between the truly wealthy elite and the truly poor, so that there are no one left except the few who have everything, and the multitude who have nothing and are totally dependent on, beholden and enslaved to the elite few.

Isn't it funny how a single, simple sentence can say so much?