Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cameras no show in court

You gotta love this. The prosecution hates it when the 6th Amendment right to face your accuser in court gets in the way of robbing the plebs to raise revenue for the State. -

    Key witnesses failed to show up for trial Tuesday in Athens-Clarke Municipal Court.

    Lawyer Regina Quick, defending two clients from charges that they were photographed running red lights, subpoenaed five traffic cameras at the West Broad Street-Alps Road intersection to testify that her clients did indeed barge through on red.

    "I didn't observe them as they came in, so I don't believe they'll be appearing," Quick said.

    Jim Davis, the assistant county attorney who prosecuted the cases, said Quick should have subpoenaed county officials to produce the cameras if she needed them to make her case.

    "It's not proper to serve an inanimate object, such as a camera," Davis said.

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