Friday, May 7, 2010

Americans "bombarded" with cancer sources: report

Not mentioned of course are food additives like MSG and aspartame and the toxic industrial waste added to our drinking water, sodium fluoride. When they say "bad dieting" causes cancer, they don't mention that criminally misleading food labeling makes it literally impossible to eat healthy, even when you're eating food that's labeled "healthy". I mean, it's not impossible - they could grow their own food. But come's DIET Coke, and HEALTHY Choice...LEAN Pockets...right. And gosh, they just don't know why children are getting cancer, even though there's MSG and GMO soy in their baby formula and baby bottled water is sold "fortified" with sodium fluoride. It's just baffling!

They're not stupid, folks. They just think you are.

    Reuters -

    Americans are being "bombarded" with cancer-causing chemicals and radiation and the federal government must do far more to protect them, presidential cancer advisers said on Thursday

    Although most experts agree that as many as two-thirds of cancer cases are caused by lifestyle choices like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise, the two-member panel said many avoidable cancers were also caused by pollution, radon gas from the soil and medical imaging scans.

    "The incidence of some cancers, including some most common among children, is increasing for unexplained reasons," wrote the two panel members, Dr. LaSalle Leffall, professor of surgery at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington and Margaret Kripke, an emeritus professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

    Cancer is the No. 2 killer of Americans, after heart disease. Kripke and Leffall, both appointed by President George W. Bush, decided in 2008 to focus a report on potential environmental links to cancer.

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