Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bloomberg: Deny Second Amendment to People on Terror Watch List

I don't know what part of shall not be infringed these fascists don't understand. Well, let me step back - of course they understand the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. They don't care. It's words, on a piece of paper - a godamn piece of paper, says Dubya.

Well over 1.2 million Americans have been denied the "privilege" of flying, with no due process whatsoever. The government said, you're a terrorist, and *POOF!* you're on a watch list and can never get on a commercial airliner again.

Now, again, with no due process, an actual "right" - the right to keep and bear arms - shall be infringed if you have had the "privilege" of flying denied because you're a MAPT.