Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Children's temper tantrums to be reclassified as disorders

Normal childhood behavior will be diagnosed as illness and medicated, and he or she will be turned into drooling, mindless imbeciles.

    Ethan Huff
    NaturalNews -

    Proposed changes to the U.S. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) could include reclassifying childhood temper tantrums, teenage angst, and binge eating as psychiatric disorders. If accepted, the proposals could equal billions of dollars in new revenue for pharmaceutical companies.

    The DSM is often referred to as the "bible" of the psychiatric profession. The handbook exerts significant influence on the American healthcare system, affecting everything from insurance companies and medical providers to universities and prisons. Even the legal system lends credence to its provisions.

    It is precisely because of its wide scope of influence that many condemn the DSM. The manual is known for categorizing character traits and emotions as mental conditions for which medical treatment, typically drugs with highly dangerous side effects, is advised.

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