Friday, May 14, 2010

EPA prepares rule to regulate industrial emissions

The air you exhale is pollution, and you will be regulated. It's completely unconstitutional, and nobody voted for any of it, mostly because nobody takes global warming seriously in America and nobody wants the cap and trade bill that won't reduce emissions anyway, but they're going to do it. Because it's not about what you want, it's about their agenda. And part of that agenda is to destroy this economy. I mean burn it to the foundations. To make us beg them to save us, after which they will offer up their solution to the crisis they alone crafted: global government, global economy. And then the big kill: eugenicide.

    Raw Story -

    The Environmental Protection Agency moved Thursday to more tightly control air pollution from large power plants, factories and oil refineries, a step to limit emissions widely blamed for global warming.

    The EPA said it is completing a rule requiring large polluters to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that they release into the air. Those emissions can boost many allergens and worsen smog, which can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments.

    The rule would require companies to install better technology and improve energy efficiency whenever they build, or significantly modify, a plant.

    EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the rule applies only to large polluters such as power plants, refineries and cement production facilities that collectively are responsible for 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources in the United States.

FLASHBACK: Fifteen Years With No Global Warming Doesn't Mean There's No Global Warming, Says EPA Chief

    Jackson said the rule sets commonsense standards that will clean the air and protect public health, while avoiding burdensome regulations that could harm farms and small and medium-sized businesses.

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