Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A million dollars to spy on your kids at school, while their teachers are being pink-slipped because of budget shortfalls

Yeah. That's freedom. My heart just swells when I think of it.

You gotta love the puppeteer whispering in her ear what to say. No, it's not a parody.

    KYW Newsradio -

    A startling admission today from Philadelphia schools superintendent Arlene Ackerman: the district spent $1 million to install security cameras at South Philadelphia High School in the wake of racial violence there.

    Ackerman was testifying before City Council on the district's $3-billion-plus budget when she was asked about changes at South Philly High in the aftermath of clashes between blacks and Asians there.

    Ackerman's budget chief Mike Masch whispered to her to talk about cameras:

    (Ackerman:) "We've put into place…"

    (Masch, whispering): "…one million dollars' worth of cameras."

    (Ackerman, to Council): "...one million dollars' worth of cameras. I was trying not to talk about that."

    But with that out in the open, Ackerman went on to explain that a one-million-dollar security system had been installed in South Philly High, with cameras in every classroom and hallway.

    Ackerman said there's no place that officials can't now see in that school, except for the restrooms.