Thursday, May 20, 2010

Research links pesticides with ADHD in kids

Okay, sure. Pesticides. We're on to something. Now...what else? Organic, locally grown is the only way. It's not more expensive. It's also cheaper to eat dirt. It's cheaper to go to the local landfill and eat garbage. But you wouldn't. Just because it's got pretty packaging, and says it's "food", doesn't mean it is.

    Associated Press -

    A new analysis of U.S. health data links children's attention-deficit disorder with exposure to common pesticides used on fruits and vegetables.

    While the study couldn't prove that pesticides used in agriculture contribute to childhood learning problems, experts said the research is persuasive.

    "I would take it quite seriously," said Virginia Rauh of Columbia University, who has studied prenatal exposure to pesticides and wasn't involved in the new study.

    More research will be needed to confirm the tie, she said.

    Children may be especially prone to the health risks of pesticides because they're still growing and they may consume more pesticide residue than adults relative to their body weight.

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