Monday, May 3, 2010

Solar cell breakthrough achieves 90 percent efficiency at a fraction of the cost of current panels

It's getting to the point where you are almost suicidal if you don't get off the grid. Even if your life didn't depend on it, why would you pay other people for free energy?

    Ethan Huff
    NaturalNews -

    Scientists from the California Institute of Technology (CIT) have developed a new solar cell technology that they say absorbs up to 96 percent of "incident" light. Experimental tests revealed that the new cells operate at around a 90 percent quantum efficiency rate. Because they are made of plastic, they could significantly reduce the overall cost of photovoltaic cells as well.

    Solar cells have long been a favorite of people trying to reduce or eliminate their energy bills. Many businesses have incorporated the technology as well because it is clean, renewable, and helps to reduce costs. Yet throughout its history, the relatively expensive up-front costs of obtaining photovoltaic cells has deterred many from investing in the technology. Researchers hope that their breakthrough new technology will change that.

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