Saturday, May 8, 2010

Times Square evacuated over unattended lunch box

You know, it was just a lunch box this time; next time it could be a lunch box nuke. Thank god government is here to protect you. This is the home of the brave...cower in fear.

    NYPD: It's 'Suspicion City' For Time Being
    Friday's Times Square Scare Treated Like Saturday's Failed Attack; Unattended Cooler Contained Book, Water Bottles
    Cops Say Number Of Reports Of Suspicious Packages Has Skyrocketed

    WCBSTV -

    The "Crossroads of the World" were evacuated yet again Friday, just days after an explosive terror scare.

    This time, it was just a simple cooler.

    But the NYPD wasn't taking any chances. The bomb squad, donning heavy protective gear, went to work straight out of the movie "The Hurt Locker."

    It was only a cooler left under and outdoor table in the pedestrian mall, but the NYPD reacted as if it could be another bomb. They treated the situation as seriously last Saturday's attempted terror attack.

    Bomb-jittery cops closed off Times Square for over an hour from 44th to 47th streets and from Sixth to Eighth avenues after suspicious package was found on the mall near the Marriot Marquis hotel, about a block from where a smoking SUV and a failed car bomb were found last Saturday.

    No buildings were evacuated but workers were told to stay indoors. A bomb dog was brought in, but found no evidence of explosives.

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