Thursday, May 6, 2010

Town Bans Bottled Water Sales

"We only have one planet and I just don't want to see it spoiled," the woman says, in a city that likely has fluoridated water. So you can't help but wonder: are they really concerned for the environment, or are they just trying to get the people of Concord to drink more toxic industrial waste? And if they're concerned for the environment, why don't they oppose dumping a substance in drinking water that's too toxic to dump in the oceans and rivers?

    WCVB Boston -

    The town of Concord has banned the sale of bottled drinking water in town beginning in 2011.

    "We only have one planet and I just don't want to see it spoiled," said Jean Hill, who introduced the measure at Concord's Town Meeting.Hill said that New York, Illinois and Virginia, as well as more than 100 cities, have taken action to cut spending on bottled water.

    The measured passed by Concord would allow the sale of refillable containers of water, which could still be sold and delivered in town. Only plastic bottles that companies cannot reuse would be banned.

    "Water is something we can get from the faucet. You can't turn your faucet on and get soda," said Selectwoman Virginia McIntyre, explaining why other plastic bottles would not be banned.

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