Thursday, May 20, 2010

A National Outrage: Our Tax Dollars Subsidize Foods that make us Fat and Unhealthy

Also not an accident. There's no other conclusion to draw except that this is the desired outcome. What else could they possibly think would happen?

    Tony Isaacs -

    At the same time that our Surgeon General has declared we have an epidemic of obesity, our government is using our tax dollars to cater to special interests and to subsidize the very foods that are making us fat. Thanks to lobbying, Congress chooses to subsidize foods that we're supposed to eat less of.

    Take a look at these numbers which tell how the percentage of federal food subsidies spending is allocated:

    * Meat/Dairy - 73.8 percent
    * Grains - 13.2 percent
    * Sugar/Oil/Starch/Alcohol - 10.7 percent
    * Nuts/Legumes - 1.9 percent
    * Vegetables/Fruits - 0.4 percent

    Just 2.3 percent of subsidies go to nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables while 84.5% goes to meat, dairy, sugar, oil, starch and alcohol. Is it any wonder that a salad often costs you more than a Big Mac?

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