Thursday, May 20, 2010

On the Lookout for Stimulus Fraud

Yeah that's right slave. Don't cash that $250 stimulus check made out to your dead grandfather. We're watching you and we're ready to drop the hammer! But the bansters that stole tens of trillions ... wait... what? Who? You lost me.

    New York Times -

    It would not ordinarily go down in the annals of crime. But when Robert Fitzsimmons was arrested this summer and accused of cashing a check made out to his long-dead father at a Pay-O-Matic check cashing store in Manhattan, he became one of the first people in the country accused of stealing some of the $787 billion in federal stimulus money.

    And officials fear there could be many more to come.

    At issue was one of the millions of $250 stimulus checks that were sent to all Social Security recipients in May; Mr. Fitzsimmons was accused of cashing one that was made out to his late father, according to a complaint filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan, which goes on to accuse him of stealing Social Security money for at least four years. His lawyer, Julia Gatto, said he intended to plead not guilty.

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