Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NYC's Bloomberg in London to review surveillance ring of steel

British-style police state is coming to Amurr'ca. Things are relatively safe in New York City, but we need to fix what's not broken before it becomes a problem. I'm serious, he said that. No, really. Read it.

    Associated Press -

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg visited Britain's capital in a fact-finding mission Tuesday in the wake of the thwarted Times Square bombing, visiting centers where experts monitor a vast network of security cameras — one of the largest in the world.

    Bloomberg wants to ramp up the security camera network in New York City's subways to mimic that in London's underground train system. London authorities say the city's train stations are watched by more than 12,000 cameras, and in a few years they aim to install a few thousand more. Officials say the additions would mean every person's face would be recorded when they enter the subway system.

    New York City has far fewer such cameras — about 4,000 along its subways — and Bloomberg has complained that half of them don't work. Police, instead, have had to rely on regular patrols and random bag searches.

    "Crime rates in both the subway systems in London and New York City are as low as you can get, but there's always the threat of terrorism. ... Wouldn't you want to be safe?" Bloomberg told reporters. "I am here to learn from others, see what works best, and try to fix things before they become a problem."

People were supposed to read Orwell and take it as a warning. Instead, or rulers have apparently studied him and used him as an owners' manual for the NWO. Read it all.