Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No one rules if no one obeys

I want to make this as clear as humanly possible. The purpose of this blog is not to encourage change in government and society. The purpose of this blog is to highlight how bad, how rogue and criminal and corrupt this mafia government is, so that, rather than voting the bums out, you prepare for their agenda to be implemented, which is now unstoppable.

You see, they have a plan, and it doesn't involve you. With the notable exception of the fringe left, who advocate for phony environmentalism more because they want to have a hissy fit with the right than over principle and actual science, nobody believes in man-made global warming. They know you don't believe in it. They don't care. Just like they knew you didn't want Obamacare; they knew you knew they were voting on a bill nobody had read. They had to vote for it so you could see what was in it. That's the contempt they have for you. You melted their switchboards, you verbally accosted them at their townhalls. They voted for it anyway. They don't care.

There is a higher order, a higher purpose, than them, or even you, the people they're supposed to serve, but don't. They will fall on their swords for this order, and bring about their globalist agenda, and they will be rewarded handsomely after you "punish" them by voting them out of office, replacing them with a new crop of puppets to forward the same agenda. The people you vote into office are not the people in control, so it really doesn't matter who you vote for. You could vote every incumbent out of office in every single election for a hundred years and nothing would change. There's a reason why there's only one Ron Paul type politician in the entire Congress. He is a notable and heroic exception, not the rule.

This is how it's been for decades, and yet most people still feel like they just need to keep on trying to perfect something designed to be corrupt in the first place. Keep pushing those "liberty" candidates. Keep trying to prop up government. Make sure that noose is good and tight around your neck.

This is the point of this blog: there is no more republic, and not even a democracy. Your candidates - your choices - are both put there to serve the same one agenda. No matter who you vote for, that agenda is forwarded. There is no choice. You have no power if you prop up this system. Your true power is in refusing to participate in this system. Discovering your true sovereignty and independence. Discovering just how little you actually need government. To be ruled. It's not that democracy failed, it's that it was never needed in the first place. The pathology behind the desperation to make democracy work is that, jesus christ, people just have to have rulers. "People need somebody to watch over them ... Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave."


If you want all the corruption, all the theft, all the mass murder disguised as wars for freedom to end, all you have to do is stop participating in it. Don't vote. Don't join the military or the police, or any government job. And whatever you do, don't pay your taxes. That is the message of this blog: not to give you something to fight against. But to show you that if you're fighting the system, you're a slave to it. No one rules if no one obeys.