Saturday, May 22, 2010

Official Says Pakistani Taliban Plotting to Strike US

I don't know about you, but I find this amusing. It used to anger me, but getting angry never did me any good. They're going to push this absurdity on us whether I get angry or not. All I can really do is laugh at it, and convince people not to dive under the beds in fear.

First of all, the Taliban are goat herders. Farmers with pitchforks. Their tanks are beat up pickup trucks. They have no air force. If one of them is allowed onto a plane bound for the United States, you can be sure he was allowed in, if not outright brought here by our government. Second, our military, particularly air force flunkies piloting predator drones, are slaughtering Pakistani civilians by the dozens on an almost daily basis. One in three killed in drone strikes are civilian. I know this is Amurr'ca, the exceptional nation, but does anyone really expect them to not want to, you know, counter-attack, and while rational people understand that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, is it not unreasonable to expect that people who've had their friends and family murdered by our military might not want to avenge their deaths by killing American civilians? How this doesn't make sense to certain people (**cough** neocons **cough**) I'll never understand. They are truly sick people.

    Fox Boston -

    A U.S. intelligence official said Thursday new information gathered this week indicates the Pakistani Taliban is actively planning to strike the United States, CNN reported.

    American targets overseas are also on the terrorists' radar.

    Central Intelligence Agency director Leon Panetta and Obama's national security advisor James Jones reportedly knew of the threat before they visited Pakistan this week.

    The pair told the Pakistan government of the new threat, which did not specify cities which may be targeted.

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